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Solar Panels
Our team has hand-picked a selection of Solar Panels for you to choose from. To make things easier, we have organized the Solar Panels we offer by Manufacturer and wattage ranging in size from 250 watt to over 400 watt output.
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It seems like everybody you talk to who has a bank of batteries is constantly having some sort of crisis with their batteries. Is it the batteries? We think not. Although almost 87% of all batteries die prematurely, it is not the battery’s fault; they die from abuse. Don't despair we will help you choose the best battery for your unique application.
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Inverters are truly the heart of all renewable systems, be they grid-tied or off-grid. Basically an inverter takes DC electricity from a DC source such as solar panels or a battery bank and inverts it to AC which we call house current. We have inverters that output USA 120/240 volt 60Hz or European 230 volt 50Hz electricity that must be specified at the time of order as there is no inverter that does both.
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Circuit Protection
The types of specialty breakers that we sell are designed and rated especially for renewable energy. Our DC Breakers are rated at 125, 150 and 300 volts DC and touch safe fuses and holders are rated for 1000 volts DC. Each rating is for a particular purpose, so, ask your sales person for the correct part for your application.
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Water Pumping
Pumping water and paying an electric power company for the power is an incredibly expensive proposition. Solar Biz has solutions to eliminate this cost.
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Pre-wired Power Centers
You’re not going to have any problem with your electrical inspector because it’s a complete factory wired unit. Make it easy on yourself, get a pre-wired Power Panel.
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Generators & Accessories
Solar Biz distributes generators for whatever your application. We offer Diesel, Liquid Propane, Natural Gas and Gasoline Generators in all of the popular voltage ranges. We have all sizes; from portable generators to generator sets that can run large commercial buildings.
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Water Filtering
Rusco water filter separation devices are known throughout the world as the best in their class. We use them in all our water pumping/filtering systems. They come in all the sizes you could need, and all the mesh sizes as well. "You just buy 'em once!" The benefit of the Rusco Spindown and Sediment Trapper filters are their ability to be cleaned and reused. The unique tornado effect created by the patented process is astonishing to see in action.
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Battery Accessories & Chargers
Maintaining a bank of batteries can either be fairly easy or a daunting task, depending on the support accessories you have on hand. I don’t think anybody really likes fussing with batteries, particularly filling them with distilled water. Here we list many time saving and safety products to make your life easier while maintaining your battery bank.
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Battery Monitors & System Controllers
After you've spent a lot of time and money on setting up your Renewable Energy System, the first thing you want to know is… IS IT WORKING? The first pieces of equipment you’re going to want to look at are the System Controllers and Battery Monitors, usually they're not in the same unit.
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Hydro & Wind
The Harris Micro Hydro system is an efficient, durable battery charging Pelton turbine. It is especially well suited to produce usable power from springs and creeks that are too small to sustain the same level of useful power from a conventional AC generating system. Water is collected upstream from the hydro and piped downstream to where the turbine is located.
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Water Heaters, Tanks & Hot Tubs
Hot water from solar is what we call “Low Hanging Fruit”. In the USA we typically keep 60 gallons of hot water in a tank in the closet on the off chance that we might need to use it. Keeping this tank hot in the closet uses more energy than your car. Solar Hot Water is low tech; it is basically a black hose in a black box. It is so easy everyone should have a solar hot water heater.
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Solar Charge Controllers
The original and main purposes of solar charge controllers are to protect your battery bank from being overcharged and to turn off the solar panels at night to block current reversing from the batteries to the panels. If you hook a solar array directly to a battery with no overcharge protection, you’ll boil the battery dry and ruin it. The factory default voltage and absorb time settings are useless because there is no way that the folks over at the factory could know how much solar you bought or what size battery bank you have. Sound too complex? Well no fear, we’ll do the math for you when you buy a charge controller.
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Enclosures & Installation Accessories
There's much more to a solar electric system than just batteries and an inverter. All the major components must be connected in a safe, intelligent and legal way. Set up a quality and safe Renewable Energy System using components designed for the particular job you’re doing.
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Racking & Mounting
There are many ways to mount Solar Panels, most pictures on the internet show them mounted on the roof. The problem we have with roof mounting is that more than 85% of all houses in North America do not have a south facing roof, which is the optimal direction to divide the day before and after noon, thus giving you the most exposure hours to the sun, and the most solar energy production.
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Remember the old side by side refrigerator-freezers from the '70's? They usually came in one of two colors, avocado or gold. Those puppies would take 10,000 watts of electricity a day. They were all designed back in the '60's when energy was cheap. Efficiency was of no importance at all. Plus, they had an electric heater that came on in the refrigerator for 20 minutes out of every hour, keeping it "frost free."
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Why Us?
Here’s Patty and Tom, our father daughter team of design engineers. We know our products beyond the data sheets. While other companies struggle with finding experienced and talented solar designers, we've already been there - with every product we sell and system we design. We don’t have to guess at what you need; we already know what will work for you and your particular needs. No matter what your solar vision might be, we promise to take care of you every step along the path and answer all your questions in a way that makes sense. Our extensive product knowledge and resources provide you with the perfect equipment choices and the right counsel to empower you to realize your solar dreams for the life of your system.
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