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  1. EPA Requirements
    EPA Requirements
    New mandates have been released by the Environmental Protection Agency that focus on the loser in the clean energy race—coal. However, according to an article recently completed by CNBC, critics of ...
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  2. Tariffs Increase US Production of Solar
    Tariffs Increase US Production of Solar
    The United States Commerce Department has announced new tariffs to be placed on solar panels and solar cells produced in China. Another case has been filed to apply similar tariffs on products made in ...
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  3. Clean Power Plan
    Clean Power Plan
    As part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the United States’ EPA has introduced the Clean Power Plan—a proposed rule that applies to existing power plants in regards to regulating carbon ...
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  4. Living Sustainably: Part 2 of 2
    Living Sustainably: Part 2 of 2
    First, we have plug in electric cars. Most automobile manufacturers actually make one. Some get phenomenal mileage. The current Ford Fusion gets 108 miles to the gallon. It is touted as, you drive ...
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  5. Outback Radian 80484A and 4048A
    Outback Radian 80484A and 4048A
    We are very excited about the new Outback 4048A Radian Inverter and the 8048A Radian Inverter, which is the Grid Zero Inverter. Everybody should be excited about this inverter. This inverter will be a ...
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  6. Domestic Hot Water
    Domestic Hot Water
    In the United States, we typically keep 60 gallons of hot water in a closet to use when we need it. This is the equivalent of leaving our car running in the garage, all day and night in case we may ...
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  7. Living Sustainably: Part 1
    Living Sustainably: Part 1
    What do we mean when we say, for a sustainable future? We have got to get off of fossil fuels. We are killing the planet. We are using coal, oil and gas to power our civilization and unfortunately, ...
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  8. Pie in the Sky?
    Pie in the Sky?
    Sometimes environmentalists are perceived as though they are asking the rest of the world to make grand sacrifices and live on leaves, berries and tofu. This tends to be the stereotype. However, ...
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  9. Battery Assessment, Part 2
    Battery Assessment, Part 2
    Now, let’s address the second problem of improper charging. At the time batteries were built, the manufacturer did not know how big a system could get and thus did not know how they would be charged ...
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  10. Micro Inverters
    Micro Inverters
    May 2014: We have the SolarWorld 280’s, but only a very small quantity. We have a lot more coming out in June. We have SolarWorld 275’s, LG 275’s, 270’s, 260’s, 250’s. All of these solar ...
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  11. Battery Assessment, Part 1
    Battery Assessment, Part 1
    Batteries are one of Tom Duffy’s favorite topics. Tom is CEO of The Solar Biz. He worked in the battery business for years before he had even heard of a solar panel. When two students approached ...
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  12. Charge Controllers
    Charge Controllers
    The charge controller is the part that Tom Duffy created back in 1969 without realizing this product would be a crucial piece of equipment in a future industry that did not exist at the time. The ...
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  13. Solar Achieves Record Year
    Solar Achieves Record Year
    America’s solar energy industry currently has more employees than tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter combined. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released the U.S. ...
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  14. Solar Market Insight
    Solar Market Insight
    Quarter two of 2014 proved to be a success time for the solar market. Q2 2014 saw installation of PV systems increase 21% from the same quarter last year. As usually, utility sectors accounted for a ...
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  15. What the World Could Be
    What the World Could Be
    A recent poll showed that of the top 18 issues that Americans care most about, 10 would be fixed with Public Banks and monetary reform. Unfortunately climate change and ocean acidification were not ...
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