Dumping solar modules by China

Seems like the CASE folks think that the predatory practice of dumping solar modules in the US and Europe by China is because the Chinese are really great guys that have the industry’s best interests at heart. I guess there is a sucker born every minute. A least CASE seems to think this way.

So let me get this straight& The Chinese dump modules here for less than it costs to make them, thus driving the US manufacturers out of business& and then after the competition is gone they will continue to sell to us at the same loss pricing, and this is good for all of the solar industry?

I can’t believe this thread is going on. This is not good old competition. The Chinese have the long view, and if they have to sell at a loss, which they can because they’re backed up by their government, they will do so until they are the last man standing. They are truly out to kill the competition, and without competition we will have to pay whatever they say. We need to stand up to them, before all is lost.

I do hope there is still some of us out there smart enough to keep from putting our hands on a hot stove.

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