Crown CR-185 Group 921 12V 185 AH Battery

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Item Number: CRO-012185
Last Price Update: 12/29/2020
Manufacturer: Crown
Made In: United States
Model Number: CR-185

Truck Freight Haz-Mat Commercial Shipment



Crown CR-185 Group 921 12V 185 AH Battery

Since 1926 Crown Battery has responded to the power challenges and individual needsof industry leaders with the best available products and services in the fieldof heavy-duty commercial deep cycle batteries. A company-wide dedication toquality control and continual improvement has earned Crown Battery the highestquality and service rating in the industry. Crown puts more into their deepcycle batteries so you can get more out of them.

Nobody builds them like Crown, because no one else invests in the heaviest, thickest plates in the industry, 10% thicker than competitors.

Crown Battery's proprietary PROeye and low maintenance containers - features thatmake battery maintenance predictable and efficient - and you've got a battery that's going to last longer and perform like no other.

Thicker and heavier plates combined with heavy strap and intercell connections is the Crown signature. Manufactured to exact standards to deliver the longest runtime and battery life. Crown out-performs the competition in head to head tests over and over again.

Thicker plates, heavier lead connections, and the most active lead material per ampere hour of rated capacity. And heavy means more lead, more active material. Which means more power. Longer life. Who would you put your money on? A light weight battery? Or the heavy weight of the world. Crown.

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