HuP SolarOne Battery

HuP SolarOne Battery
Like many other technological breakthroughs, HuP (High Utilization Positive) was created in response to another need. Patented in 1982, its original objective was to meet tough new environmental standards, and help eliminate lead dust from the battery manufacturing plant. But it was discovered during initial testing that the HuP exhibited cycling capabilities well in excess of conventional batteries.


  1. Part#NWE-41048

    Price: $10,759.97
  2. Part#NWE-21024

    Price: $5,379.97
  3. Part#NWE-11012

    Price: $2,689.97
  4. Battery Enclosures & Racks

  5. Part#NWE-51003

    Price: $469.97
  6. Part#NWE-52003

    Price: $827.97
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