Rusco Intake Filter Basket Strainer 24 Mesh

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Item Number: UVS-40024
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: Rusco
Made In: United States
Model Number: 4 BSK 24
Item Type: Parts & Accessories

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Strainer Only
Rusco"s 4 BSK 24 has a 24 mesh nylon screen, which filters to 771 microns. The Rusco 4 BSK 24 strainer filter has a total filtering area of 75 square inches. The Rusco 4 BSK 24 basket strainer is used for trouble free pumping from lakes, ponds & canals.

It can also be utilized for sprinkling and irrigation, agricultural applications, fountains, water-to-air air conditioning, fire-fighting hoses, marine and construction applications. This unit removes residuals such as sediment, silt, shell, leaves, sand, and more. It does not corrode or build up mineral deposits with use.

Rusco 4 BSK 24 mesh Basket Strainer Specs:

  • 2-inch IPS Female Inlet Slip Fitting
  • Total filtering Area: 75 square inches
  • Minimum Flow Rate for Spin-Down Action: 20 gpm
  • Service Flow Rate: 50 gpm Maximum Flow Rate: 100 gpm
  • Dimensions: 2 inch x 4 inch x 24 inches.

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